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Seeking out the talented leaders and senior professionals you need to succeed.

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How we work

The first stage of the process is to meet with the key stakeholders. We take the time to listen and to build an in-depth understanding of their requirements and of the role itself. We are then able to prepare a detailed candidate brief. This contains a background paper describing the organisation, a job description, a person specification and an outline of the remuneration package.

Each assignment is unique and calls for a targeted strategy that can combine rigorous search with advertising and other media. This often blends traditional search methods with innovative web-based techniques.

Once we have created a long-list of suitably qualified and experienced candidates, they are invited for interview with the consultant who is leading the assignment. Any candidates who are currently working for your organisation – or who are known to you – will be included in the process and assessed objectively and independently by us.

Your consultant will then prepare comprehensive candidate reports which will be discussed in a meeting with you. Together we will select a shortlist and plan the interviews. Your consultant will also be available to attend the final panel as your independent observer, providing you with valuable additional feedback and advice.

In addition, they can assist you with reference checking and the negotiation of terms and salary, if you require it.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with a successful appointment. We will continue to maintain close ties to ensure that both you and your new employee are delighted with the outcome.