Matthew Argenti, Executive Search

Matthew Argenti is a highly accomplished ‘deal maker’ with 25 years experience in the field of Sports Marketing. Matthew has held several senior posts including Commercial and Development Directorships as well as being Sales Director and subsequently Managing Director of API – one of the foremost sports marketing organisations. More recently he was Commercial Director of the World Offshore Powerboat Championship and has worked in Formula One, Sailing, British and European Athletics, Tennis and Football.

Matthew has strong management experience having recruited and run sales teams and has also been directly involved in two corporate sale and acquisition projects resulting in a flotation on the AIM Market. He has also held Group Board positions where he was responsible for International Development, sports strategy and global acquisition projects.

He is currently a Director of the Systems Planning and Management Company, Argenti Systems Ltd. ASL are in the process of releasing a Cloud based Strategy Management System with its debut scheduled for Australia later on in the year. Argenti Systems have been sold to companies and NPO’s throughout the world and have been used by hundreds of corporations such as British Aerospace, Dowty, Pirelli, Santander and the Sydney Opera House.

Matthew’s most high profile achievements have been the introduction and negotiation of over $80 million of investment into sport with the notable successes being FedEx, Gillette, BP and Korean Air into Formula One, Spar International into European Athletics and the management of Camel and Pepsi-Cola in global motorsport.

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