Judy Greevy FRSA, Career Transition and Executive Search

Judy has worked for over 30 years in the engagement, leadership development, diversity and culture change fields in the private and public sector and has particular expertise in developing strategy and leading change programmes.

Amongst the roles she has held she has been Global Head of Diversity at NatWest Bank and Head of Diversity and Corporate Responsibility at Centrica. She has also worked for the Australian Bank AMP and Henderson’s Global Investors and most recently been an HR Director at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs with responsibility for Talent, Diversity and Engagement.

Judy has now returned to independent consultancy work having previously run a very successful business undertaking work for a wide range of clients such as KPMG, Ernst and Young, Standard Chartered Bank, Marks & Spencer, Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Scotland and Greater London Authority.

During her career Judy has won a number of Awards including the Directing Diverse Talent Award at the 2015 Opportunity Now Excellence in Practice Awards.

Judy is a Board member of the Employers’ Network for Equality and Inclusion. She has also been a Non Executive Director and Deputy Chair of an NHS Trust and a school governor and member of the Ministry of Defence External Diversity Panel.

Before moving into organisational development and diversity work Judy was a corporate banker. She is a graduate of Leeds University and Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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